Some Words from our Valued Customers

Here are some actual testimonials from customers that have had custom furniture made by Pristine Custom Wood Furniture. Call us today to have a piece made for your home or office. We build custom desks, unique beds, rustic furniture, custom dining tables, rustic tables, coffee tables and much more!

Dear Paul,
WHAT A BEAUTY!!! How/Where on Earth do you find those HUGE Slabs? Paul, it is really a Very Fine “object d’art”, Plus my personal Desk! I’ve looked for this type of woodworking for many years! I am truly thrilled and in awe! This “Burled Maple Slab/Custom Desk fits great in my office. Of course, you know that I’ll be calling you for Tables, chairs in this same wood!

Thanks So Much!
Very Sincerely Yours,

Gerald H. Westby, Jr., On The Grand Lake of Oklahoma!

I just realized that I never sent you a thank you and compliments for the extraordinary furniture that you custom built for me. My natural edge desk, bookcase, and end table are beautiful. I get compliments from all visitors to my home office.

Your creativity and craftsmanship is amazing!

Many thanks and I suspect that I will be calling you in the future for additional pieces.

My best.

Dave Schoenbeck, Franklin Lakes NJ

Pristine Custom Wood Furniture is such a pleasure doing business with. Paul works with you directly to determine your needs, what suits your taste and style. More than just functional, his furniture is created to become part of your family. I have five Pristine Custom Wood Furniture pieces and every one of them elicits wonderful comments from house guests!

Sarah Snyder-Plant, Herndon, Virginia

Paul, I received it the other day! IT IS BEAUTIFUL! How and what care should I use on it, to keep it So Beautiful!
Excellent Job, Sir!
Thanks Again!

Gerry Westby, Oklahoma

I’ve been following and purchasing Paul’s work for many years. Every piece I own is a work of art.

Glenn Kreisel, Missoula, MT

Thank you so much, I LOVE your product, it’s beautiful!

Nozomi, Beverly Hills, CA

I now have two tables made by Pristine Custom Wood Furniture. The first was a special order for my remote cabin in Alaska. The kitchen space is small, so Paul designed a table that is attached with a piano hinge to the wall. This allows us to lift the table completely up and out of the way for cleaning or other times when we want the maximum floor space available. Besides being functional and fitting perfectly with the interior space of the cabin, the table is truly beautiful. Even though
the rest of the cabin is very rustic and in some ways unfinished, Paul’s table melds beautifully with the overall space.
Having fallen in love with the table in our cabin, we asked Paul to make a coffee table for our home. Paul made a beautify cherry table that truly is a work of art, yet is very functional. Again, his choice of materials and size was perfect for the room where the table was to go. We have yet to have a visitor in our living room who has not commented on how beautiful Paul’s table is.

Working with Paul, from the time of design concept to the time of delivery has been an ease and a pleasure. We plan to order more pieces from him in the future.

Dan Fitzgerald, Anchorage, Alaska